Vicar's Message


Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,vicar-photos

We live in an era where people meet more often on cyber space than in person. Social media has become an integral part of connecting people. Not that the Church agrees with this kind of relationship, but we ought to go to the people where they can be found.

vvvOnce, I received this cartoon from a friend and it speaks volumes about cyber relationships. We need to realise that the kind of relationship God had with us cost him his Son and even His life but, the model cyber space gives, brings in more by minute effort one makes. Well, one could argue; what’s wrong with that? There is nothing wrong in that to a world that always thinks on monitory terms and saving time. But, the end result could be something similar to what the cartoonist is trying to depict. After all it may not be real.

Our main intention of launching a website was to reach more people and create a space for the people, mainly living far off to get in touch with us, with ease. We are not able to love, share, or care for people through a website. As I believe these could only be reached through personal physical intervention.

If someone thinks that he/she could become a Christian by taking part in a webcast of a service or by being part of a cyber-community it is not true. You need to be there in person. Even as Jesus left all his Glory to come down to us, to be one among the least in this community and even to die for us. We need to leave the comfort of our home, the security of the computer and take a step towards intimacy and deliberate vulnerability.

I hope and pray that the space we create will be used with much caution and sparingly that it will not become a hindrance to the Kingdom of God.

Yours in Christ’s service,

Fr. Niroshan.


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