St: Peter's Father's Union


This Association, designed for the senior members of the Parish of St. Peter’s Church, Koralawella, was established on 3rd October, 1982, during the incumbency of Late Revd.  Russel  Rebert.father-photo

The pioneers who mooted the idea were late Messrs Norman de Mel, Tidiman de Silva and Darley Fonseka.  Revd. Rebert entrusted Neil Fernando to draw up the Constitution. At the first General Meeting, Tidiman, Neil and Norman, were elected as the first President, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

The aims of the Union are to (1) uphold the holiness of Christian Marriage (2) Teach and lead the children in sacred Christian faith and (3) Serve God in true Christian spirit.

During the past 32 years, The Fathers’ Union (TFU) was instrumental in organizing Spiritual, Educational. Theatrical. Social and Sports activities. The main among such activities were Fathers’ Day/Elders & Children’s Day/ Independence day Services, Meditation Camp, Bible Studies, Prayer Cells, Debates, Speeches, Bible Quiz, Awareness Programs on Human Rights, Ethnic Problem, Civil Law, Parent & Child rights and HIV, War Hero felicitation to Ranaviru Sewana, Blood Donation Camp, Deaf & Blind School Assistance, Refurbishing of Lunawa Hospital, Re-arrangement of Church Flower Garden & environs, Distribution of Spectacles, One day Christianity revision class for AL students,  Get-togethers, Easter Evenings, Sports Meet. etc.  

It is pertinent to mention that TFU was the only Society in the Parish to have an ongoing Social Service Project. On 16Th May 1988, TFU commenced a preschool for the benefit of less fortunate children of our neighborhood.  It was free of any charge and even the school requisites, books, stationary, milk and lunch was provided. There were three teachers and at some times the number of students on roll exceeded 80. It was unfortunate that we were compelled to close it down, due to the dearth of students, following displacement of most of the sea beach families, after the Tsunami.

It should also be mentioned that TFU was the first to introduce the Intercessions (Jana Yadum) in song form at a Holy Communion Service.  At a Father’s Day Service, some years back, we introduced “Apege Yadum Bara Ganna, Devi Piyaneni” and We are happy indeed, that it has since been adopted and still used by, all other Unions, Societies, Fellowships and Guilds of our Parish.  We have also produced a song for “The Ten Commandments, to the tune of the popular song “Kandula ithin sama venna” .  We have also produced two Christmas Features, titled “Bethlehemata  Apasu (Back to Bethlehem) and Hamadamath Naththal (Everyday X’mas).  Although they included the story of nativity, acting and also dialogue, these were not exactly nativity plays, but were in worship form.  They were enacted inside the church and contained a strong timely message.

The TFU is the only organization at present in the Parish, to have this Constitutional arrangement. We hope that others would follow the same, merely to have the training and continuity of leadership, since ‘leadership’ nowadays is a scarce commodity!

The TFU is also fortunate to have attracted some young fathers, who had received proper training and experience from the Youth Fellowship. They have brought their talents to the service of TFU and are doing a yeoman Service

At present our strength stand 90 members.

We thank Almighty God, for what we are, although weak & wanting!


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