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In 1952, when Rev. Neville Fernando was the Incumbent of St. Peter’s Church, Koralawella, the foundation was laid to form a Youth Fellowship. Initially, our church along with the Church in Egoda Uyana formed the ‘Youth Fellowship of Churches of Moratuwa South’.
With the separation of the 2 churches, Youth Fellowship of St. Peter’s Church, Koralawella was established in 1955 and has been a very active movement since it’s inception with the members involving in activities to praise & glorify God’s name.

Look back at 2014

We were able to execute the following projects during the year 2014.

1/ Awareness Program on HIV AIDS Having identified the importance of prevention of these social deceases, we were able to conduct an open forum in September to discuss a common issue which we need to be cautious about.

2/ Married vs. Unmarried Cricket Match – A much look forward event of the church calendar, especially by people who are over 35 year of age but still young at heart.

3/ Open-air Carols – This is one of the biggest events in calendars of both the Church & Youth Fellowship. Its significance is boosted due to the timing of the event as we prepare to share the love & joy of our dear savior’s birth. This gives an opportunity for all members to showcase their talents in an evening of Christmas Carols.

Our Plan for 2015

1/ 3 day Camp – We plan to conduct a 3 day camp with the participation of the Church Junior Guild.

2/ Evening with the Lord – With the participation of several other Youth Fellowships, we plan to organize an evening of Silence to hear the Lord’s calling.

Apart from these projects/events, we plan to express our theme for the year 2014/2015, “Jesus Increased in Wisdom & Stature, and in Favour with God & Man” with different activities involving the family, church, community & country.

We have been called to be a part of Jesus’ ministry to share our life experience with the Lord with others. We as Youth Fellowship of St. Peter’s Church, Koralawella, are willing to share & use the blessing the Almighty Lord has given & pray that the Lord will help & guide us to spread his kind word of Love & Joy.


Youth Fellowship

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